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Every year for the past eleven years, my dad has been riding in the Tour de Tucson bike race to raise money in the fight against cancer- leukemia and lymphoma specifically. Each year he rides in honor of those people and their families that have been affected by these diseases. And each year he trains harder and harder than before for this event. It is an inspiration to see someone so dedicated to such a great cause.

This year, the ride will be for Team Jenna, in honor of Jenna Laumer. Jenna passed away from Leukemia in January of 2010, less than a year after being diagnosed. Jenna was a friend to so many people, and truly an amazing and passionate person. I have known Jenna and the Laumer family for as long as I can remember. Jenna was a childhood friend of my sister, and her younger sister Alaina and I were in the same classroom at Sands Montessori. It is incredibly sad that someone so full of life was taken away well beyond her time.

She will always be missed dearly.

Team Jenna was founded in Jenna Laumer’s name. Its purpose is threefold:
  1. Honor a young vibrant beautiful woman taken from us at much too young an age.
  2. Create a legacy in Jenna’s name that will remember her and become a source of hope and encouragement for so many others who battle these diseases.
  3. Create a funding mechanism that can be used to help others who desperately need it.
In this spirit, Team Jenna has teamed up with Karen Cosgrove and the Miles That Matter Foundation to support specific causes within the Cincinnati community. All of the money donated will go directly to these causes.

Two specific causes this year will be:
  1. A special purpose fund at Children’s Hospital that will fund the specific portion of Children’s A5 South, where Jenna spent her time. “They are an amazing collection of caring human beings.” This fund will have a dual purpose:
    1. Nursing staff support and development
    2. Funding in hospital for young adult patient quality of life
      The needs of patient’s Jenna’s age are SO different from the needs of children. Everything from making the bathroom more user friendly to providing ways to store personal items that you bring when you stay at the hospital for months at a time.
  2. Donations to Clark Montessori Foundation and Clark Athletic Fund: Jenna was a star soccer player at Clark for 4 years and just recently had her #99 jersey retired, in honor of her life and spirit that she so selflessly gave every day.
On November 19, I will be riding in my first Tour de Tucson bike race to share in support of Team Jenna. I am proud to be riding alongside not only my dad, but with a very good friend of mine, Bill Baker. Bill is a lymphoma survivor and a true inspiration. It has been awesome to be able to ride and train with Bill over these past months in preparation for the race.

This year we are trying to raise more money than ever for the ride, in support of not only Jenna, but those other young people in the community and their families going through similar struggles. 

Please be generous. Please help make a difference!

As a tribute to Jenna, new 2011 bike jerseys have been designed. Our team will be wearing them and for a donation of $300 or more, we will send you a jersey.

If you are making a contribution of $300 or more, email your jersey size (men’s or women’s), as well as your mailing address and contact information so that we may send your jersey.
Make Checks Payable to:
Miles That Matter

Mail donations to:
MSA Architects
316 West 4th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(if you are making a contribution of $300 or more, be sure to include the completed Jersey Order Form.)

Please keep Team Jenna and the Laumer family in your thoughts on that day.
Thank you so much for your support.